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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

For Your Consideration Logo Font - Academy Movies Promotional Typography

Members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and associated events usually receive film presentation packages with the purpose of influencing vote nominations in different categories.
The presentations include usually a phrase that is very common in entertainment named “For Your Consideration”. Of course, there are variations to the traditional phrase.
The idea prompted me to design a vintage font called For Your Consideration with a script italic style that I offer now in my professional foundry for Hollywood companies searching for this logo for  their promotional presentations. The logo font is only an example of my calligraphic work and can be designed with different styles that could be as well taken as a company brand for cinematic presentations.
To license this kind of work, companies and private clients can commission this kind of work and pay a restricted license annually if they want to include my work. Licenses are paid through PayPal and you can contact me  for an estimate at – darkvotum@gmail.com
Below is an example of For Your Consideration logo font for your entertainment, presentations and considerations.

For Your Consideration Logo Font - Film Promotional Typography

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