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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Curse US Food and Drug Administration For Your Cavities, Teeth Loss and Periodontal Gum Disease

I recently got complete dentures and I regret it. Why? Because after spending all my life thousands of dollars in dentist visits I could not save my teeth.
After a lot of thinking, I realized that the culprit was all the sugar that is added to American foods and a government agency called US Food and Drug Administration that allows food companies to add this poison without restrictions. So, if you have cavities, teeth loss and gum disease due to Streptococcus bacteria growing in a sugary environment in your mouth you can rightly blame the US FDA as your enemy.
It was not enough to be in a healthy diet, cleaning teeth, brushing three times a day and using unlimited dental floss because the hidden poison was there to please your taste in most foods manufactured in the United States.
And the worst part was the US FDA is an intentional  partner to all the food companies killing your dental health. No wonder there are more than 30 millions of Americans victims wearing partial or complete dentures. It is a big business and a hidden national conspiracy.
To prove this, take a look at what we call plain Yogurt under the category of healthy food that according to US FDA is an innocent healthy snack. The nutrition label contains in one cup 11.42 grams of sugar. That should be an eye opener for you because bacteria grows in sugar cultures. Biology 101.
You can't fight this poison called sugar included in most American foods and the US FDA knows it because the agency gets millions of dollars to approve these nutrition labels. My cat does not eat human foods and I don't see him losing his teeth. That's the big picture.

Blame US FDA For Your Teeth Loss

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