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Votum Sanguinis Top Image

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blame Microsoft For Your Heart Attack

Anxiety, frustration and bad health. That's what you will expect from this business named Microsoft and their products. Until now, I have noticed no one has researched how computers, in particular with Windows OS platforms, are affecting your lifestyle with detrimental effects.
Of course, if you're young you will not notice the accelerated heart beat of your heart trying to resolve a problem, whether the computer does not boot any more or buying and installing digital products that are not compatible with Microsoft drivers and structure. That's how Microsoft avoids its liability phasing products year after year and producing disclaimers from the top saying this or that product are not supported any longer. Please buy a new and better product as we will continue to support them, but the truth is company support ends after few years.
It is time you take a look at your old heart and examine the contributing environmental factors that will produce your heart attack and hide your silent heart disease? I think human factors experts are not telling you the real truth. My humble opinion as a concerned customer.

Your Microsoft Heart Attack

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