Votum Sanguinis Top Image

Votum Sanguinis Top Image

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Horror Font From John Carpenter's Halloween Movie

Looking at film director John Carpenter’s Halloween, I decided to remaster this font for my professional dark fonts collection.
Please notice this version is not available as a free font and you can get this wonderful  original font  by purchasing its license through PayPal. For more information on how to purchase this font, contact me at – darkvotum@gmail.com
Below you can find an example of this professional horror font for your consideration and entertainment. Thanks for your business.

John Carpenter's Halloween Movie Font

Friday, October 18, 2013

One More Example of Hollywood Studios Movie Film Promotional Typography

Here’s another variation of my calligraphic work For Your Consideration that film companies include in their presentation packages to members of Hollywood Awards events. The logo font is designed with my vintage typography.
This work can be licensed through PayPal with a limited annual license for companies that prefer to make a brand out of the logo font with a special engraved font. in their DVD presentation cases. For more details about an estimate, please contact me at – darkvotum @gmail.com
Below you can find an example for your consideration and entertainment. Thanks.

Hollywood Studios Promotional Font Typography

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

For Your Consideration Logo Font - Academy Movies Promotional Typography

Members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and associated events usually receive film presentation packages with the purpose of influencing vote nominations in different categories.
The presentations include usually a phrase that is very common in entertainment named “For Your Consideration”. Of course, there are variations to the traditional phrase.
The idea prompted me to design a vintage font called For Your Consideration with a script italic style that I offer now in my professional foundry for Hollywood companies searching for this logo for  their promotional presentations. The logo font is only an example of my calligraphic work and can be designed with different styles that could be as well taken as a company brand for cinematic presentations.
To license this kind of work, companies and private clients can commission this kind of work and pay a restricted license annually if they want to include my work. Licenses are paid through PayPal and you can contact me  for an estimate at – darkvotum@gmail.com
Below is an example of For Your Consideration logo font for your entertainment, presentations and considerations.

For Your Consideration Logo Font - Film Promotional Typography

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mimiloco Font - New Korean Mexican Calligraphy and Typography

Mimiloco font is a new commercial font influenced by two interesting and colorful cultures – Mexican and Korean – dominating the Los Angeles scene.
It’s been 31 years since the visionary movie Bladerunner was presented in theaters showing a degrading environment of Los Angeles and I was thinking what has really changed in Los Angeles. Well a lot, I won’t go into rants but driving one night I noticed something really different:  Mexican food trucks which every night park on the streets catering an interesting audience.
I parked my car on the corner of Sunset and Alvarado St. watching how Koreans and Latinos were ordering food to the Mexican cookers inside the trucks. That was really different. Koreans eating and devouring tacos and burritos with salsa and enjoying Mexican food. Here you have it. A new fusion of two cultures through Mexican cuisine!
That great idea prompted me to design a different Bladerunner font, more modern with our times using calligraphy. That’s how Mimiloco font was born. From a Bladerunner scene where you can see the combination of neon street signs in Korean and Mexican language.
Mimiloco is available as a high-resolution commercial font for street signs and big store/billboards displays, and you can purchase the license through Paypal’s credit cards. For more information and font delivery, please contact me – darkvotum@gmail.com
As an example, I’ve included a visual of my last professional font Mimiloco for your entertainment and consideration.

Mimiloco Font - Mexican Korean Calligraphy Typography

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Boxeo Font - Las Vegas Boxing Typography

The popularity and demand of my professional sports font Lucha Libre made me design more display typography for new titles posters. This time, boxing events got my attention as I’m a devoted fan of the great boxer Manny Pacquiao.
Boxeo font is designed with heavy uppercase characters in tight kerning combined with  a set of generous x-height small caps glyphs to give not only vintage readability, but also a modern look to boxing posters, in particular the ones advertised at Caesar Palace and MGM Grand Arena.
Boxeo font is a commercial one and can be licensed by purchasing the license through PayPal’s credit cards. This venue has proven to be very safe with my customers and clients. For more information on how to purchase the license, font delivery and further details, please contact me directly – darkvotum@gmail.com
Below I’ve prepared a good example on how Boxeo font can be used for boxing events and other fighting sports.

Friday, October 4, 2013

El Cucuy Font - Halloween Horror Nights Typography

Based on the popularity of my professional Mexican horror font La Llorona, I’ve designed this commercial font for the opening of the show El Cucuy- Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios this year.
Announced as the successor to the wildly popular maze La Llorona, El Cucuy follows in the footsteps of recreating a Spanish/Latin American legend. Similar to the European-based legend of the bogeyman, El Cucuy claims the lives of children who misbehave. Even more, El Cucuy is said to hide in closets, under beds, in shadows or any place that’s dark.
The font Cucuy is ideal for movie screen titles and fancy display presentations/billboards and it can be purchased with the license through PayPal’s credit cards. For details and font delivery, please contact me – darkvotum@gmail.com
Below you can find the display samples of the professional font Cucuy. Thanks for your considerations and Happy Halloween!