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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Horrible Truth Behind The World War Z Story

It is interesting that before the release of this movie World War Z, I had a dream about the epidemic of apocalypse zombies. This time, the dream came again as a revelation with more details and as a sentient being I have no doubts that this event will soon happen in our small world.

In reality, the concept seems to be centered in an environmental commercial venue sponsored by the goverment under the strange title of "conversion of waste to life", (very similar concept to the "waste to energy" title).

I can't comment which environmental company is doing this bizarre experiment, but the revelation is real and I was one of the five characters visiting this company in real time. The company's employees were really communicative with the operations, until we reached the main process called "The Sanctuary", which of course, it showed the intent to convert us as one of the zombies and presented the sad truth of hungry  long lines of human beings being fed through a sort of a nutritional package, in a paste style, that was responsible for the conversion of humans into zombies. Needless to say, we were forced to taste it as we experienced the initialization of this conversion. In a way, the story was similar and very convergent to Soylent Green which presents the problem of lack of global food and a extreme population habitat in numbers.

In the revelation, five of us were able to escape while our bodies started to show the biological symptoms and almost disintegration of our vital functions until we finally were rescued by a humanitarian team. (not a military one). I cannot describe fully the horror of being chased by zombies, eyes without sight, black skins showing bloodless veins, missing toes and fingers, falling teeth, cannibalistic desires, etc, etc.

After waking up, I was thinking about the saga and how these zombies were able to walk and run without toes in their feet. At any rate, expect a biological attack soon and be prepared!