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Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Mothman Designs - Compilation of Police Report Drawings

From research in Point Pleasant, here's my collection of designs based  on witness descriptions that were included in the police report during the period 1965-1966.

The vector prints can be purchased in the main section of my store in several background colors and sizes. I restricted the designs to the drawings. No captions or subtitles because I think iit s more effective as a collectible t-shirt. Enjoy your Mothman wake-up call!
Compilation of Mothman designs based in Point Pleasant's police report

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Infante Typeface – Denslow Design Typography For Children’s Books

I rarely do children typography but I’m a fan of W.W. Denslow’s illustrations books and typography because of their simplicity and originality. You can buy Denslow’s books in many bookstores. They make great gifts for children.

Based on Denslow typography, I designed a premium commercial font called Infante, which means in Spanish – a baby. Denslow’s typefaces are characterized by extended characters and recycling of geometric elements. For children’s books,  a main requirement is text’s readability and legibility as well as alphabet learning. Therefore, the re-innovation design of a new brand typeface for a bestseller children’s book could be an added benefit for the author and publishing house.

Please notice that Infante font is for cover books presentations and illustrations displays because that’s how Denslow used these design fonts in his publications. For text narratives, I recommend you use a more conventional font such as Monotype Century Gothic.

Infante font is available from my professional foundry for Windows and Mac with unlimited license and you can purchase the font through my Paypal account. A word of warning – if you’re planning to save a few bucks, using a free font from fonts portals for your hard-working publications, I think you’re in the wrong business. Most free fonts are made by amateurs with rasterized bitmaps, non-scalable, and the metrics do not have optical thickness, hinting, and accurate kerning pairs. Big difference in the world of typography design.
Below is Infante’s character map and illustration samples for your consideration. For further details about purchasing the font, contact me at darkvotum@gmail. Thanks.

Denslow Typography

Denslow Font In Illustration Sample

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Presenting BranDatum® - Strategy Branding Professional Services Without The Ad Agency

I’m pleased to announce the introduction of BrandDatum®, a professional small business services  in Hollywood, California, for strategy branding and advertising production.

I offer complete production services from initial concept through completion in English and Spanish. I work independently or together with art directors, designers or directly with the client in producing corporate and small business identities, logos, product brochures, lettering, film and entertainment posters and design publications. Original ideas deserve original work. For further details about creative approaches, contact darkvotum@gmail.
BranDatum® - Strategy Branding Without The Ad Agency

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Villa de las Almas Perdidas - Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Show

For Halloween 2011, I made this new horror print and revise the Mexican font in  my original Posada typography. The design is based in the characters of the amazing and scary Universal Studios show, Halloween Horror Nights, which includes the Spanish theme, Villa de las Almas Perdidas (Village of Lost Souls).

The design is optically interesting and intentional in contrast backgrounds. If you buy the tshirt in white or light color, you’ll see more emphasis in the Spanish titles. If you order the tee in dark backgrounds, the English titles become more important visually.

The t-shirt can be purchased in the Spells section of the Votum Sanguinis store, and it is ideal for parties all year around. Another great and cool design of my Dark Shadows collection.
Village of Lost Souls - Universal Studios Horror Design Theme