Votum Sanguinis Top Image

Votum Sanguinis Top Image

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sensual Captiva Font - Dark Sexy Typography For Harlequin Romance Books

If you’re planning to submit your manuscript to Harlequin Romance publishers it is always a good idea to read carefully the submission guidelines. If your story shines and it is accepted I would like to congratulate you for your hard work. You’re on your way to become part of the mass-market fiction books.

Once it is approved, I would like to recommend you get the editors’ attention to my design blog. There are two things why readers pick up a Harlequin novel in bookstores. First the consumers look at the sensual art work and secondly, the dark erotica typography. Both involve the guilty pleasures of the content of your novel.

For example, I’ve made the sexy Captiva font to give you an illustration on how dark erotica typography works. The font title should convey a vivid imagery of dark writing secrets in the reader’s mind and shares the theme and ambient of the main characters. Modern? Gothic? Fantasy? Spiritual? Rebelious?

Your next novel should have the same font style consistency if you write about the same romance theme. It is your trademark for success. My Captiva specialty font is available for licensing to romance publishing companies and I can design that special matching font for your novel. For further inquiries, contact darkvotum at gmail. Thanks for being a romance writer.

Captiva Font for Harlequin Romance Novels
Captiva Font Typography for Harlequin Romance Cover Books

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pendleton Demibold Font - Military Typography For The Home Of The Brave

Pendleton Demibold is a premium military font for promotion of American government magazines in the military field. It is not an easy and candid font but it has an amazing visual impact in titles that could also be used in posters, cards and presentations. It is modeled after my experience in Somalia Operation Restore Hope but I won’t tell you the long sad story of Battle of Mogadishu. If you want to relive the violent struggle, rent or buy the film Blackhawk Down.

The font is a serif typeface for better readibility at smaller sizes with interesting ligatures and I’m sure all leathernecks would be pleased to purchase the font for their own military greeting cards from Afghanistan.

Below is my image map and a magazine cover title presentation if you want to buy the license registration of my design font. Contact darkvotum at gmail. Thanks for supporting my love for Camp Pendleton. Semper Fit!

Pendleton Demibold Font
Pendleton Demibold Title Presentation

Friday, February 4, 2011

Volturi Font - A Different Version Of The Twilight Cover Books Typography

The Twilight cover books typography seems to be a very popular font with the show fans and publishers. Volturi font is my own refined commercial version for this kind of dark typography and it is ideal for movie screen titles or books presentations which want a variation of the serif typeface design.

Here's my image alphabet and title presentation should you want to license my design font for your projects. Contact darkvotum at gmail.

Volturi Font - Twilight Saga Typography
Volturi Font Cover Books Presentation