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Votum Sanguinis Top Image

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mexican World Wrestling Logo For Real Macho People - 2010 Vector T-Shirt

You can tell I’m a Mexican wrestling fan of Lucha Libre. Better than the US World Wrestling Federation shows and their anglo wrestlers. This funny logo is in high resolution vector and available in the Fantasy section. Order you t-shirt and play with the boys.

Mexican World Wrestling Logo

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mexican Llorona Colonial Font - Elegant Horror Type For Halloween

From my colonial Mexican foundry I made an elegant commercial Halloween font called Llorona because there are no fonts related to the most famous Hispanic legend. Interesting because there is an array of books, movies, apparel, and shows about her but no related fonts.

The colonial font is also used in displays of the Mansion of La Llorona at Six Flags Mexico. I really like the typeface because it is an old migrated Mexican font from the XVI century used by Catholic Spanish monks from Granada, Spain, but it can be used as a horror font for different purposes. The Llorona font is available for licensing should you want to use for your projects. Below you can find a sample of text and the compilation database. You know making typography is addictive as hell but the final product gives great satisfaction.

Mexican Llorona Font Compilation Database

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Fantasmagoric Latino Legend of La Llorona - Hispanic Cultural Tradition

Even Universal Studios is engaged into bringing the character of La Llorona to Halloween Horror Nights. Of course, Hispanics are consumer money power in the United States. Here is the new 2010 press release of Universal Studios Hollywood to introduce the character of La Llorona into the Halloween Horror Nights as the official announcement to the public.


So, what happens when you mix in a design the most powerful Latino female myth with the Mexican colonial typography of Jose Guadalupe Posada? Well, you have a classic winner t-shirt.

The tale of La Llorona (The Crying Woman or The Weeping Woman) is an old myth that goes through many centuries among Latino cultures. Every person in Latinoamerica, from Mexico to Argentina, swears to have seen or know someone about the fantasmagoric female apparition on crossroads, rivers or streets after midnight. My family and I are not the exception.

Although Wikipedia claims that the paranormal story of La Llorona is originated from Mexico, the truth is no one knows although she is commonly associated with a weeping Aztec goddess named Cihuacoalt from the city of Tenochtitlan. And La Llorona does exist. La Llorona has many popular interpretations. If you hear her weeping it means someone near you is about to die or she wants to collect the person’s soul for the Devil. Another interpretation is that this beautiful woman seduces men driving alone on the road. (The conceptual idea was my first award-winning commercial for Honda Motor Company).  The apparition wears very sensual clothing, usually white transparent in color, and as she takes these men to abandoned houses, she kills them without compassion with a knife.

She also steals babies because it is part of her story that she killed her children in a frustrated romance and later killed herself. More details are found in Wikipedia and the most recent website movie, The Cry (2007).

My design in high resolution vector format is in the Witches section should you want to support this amazing creepy tale. I’m sure if you wear the t-shirt people from Spanish-speaking countries will ask you if you have seen La Llorona too.
The Legend of La Llorona T-Shirt - A Halloween Gift For All

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Modern Mexican Blackletter Font - An Elegant Identity Typeface

We are proud of this accomplished project. Reading about the popular Mexican Blackletter font we found a great Maya project to do inspired with the ideas of our Lord Pakal Ahau for 2012. Although the original and rigid Mexican Blackletter font has been associated with Corona beer, cholos and gangs, Lord Pakal wanted to bring a more elegant identity to Mexico. This is how the new Mexican Blackletter typeface was born. We call it the Pakalian Normal font.

The project was not a simple task because Lord Pakal Ahau wanted to apply Gestalt principles, Maya shapes and the legacy of the original Mexican Blackletter font. In addition, he wanted a font identity that could represent true illuminated manuscripts and documents of the Pakalian Group of Mexico for future generations beyond 2012.

After many hours of debate, the ideas merged into one solid concept that we offer here for your entertainment and considerations. The result was a final font, an elegant Mexican Blackletter that brings the identity of the Pakalian Group of Mexico in all its glory. Below, you can find the font compilation database.

Pakalian Normal Mexican Blackletter Font

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In Halloween We Trust - Creation of Fontorror Regular Typeface

In modern typography design, it seems deconstructivism is the serious trend in contemporary fonts. You only have to look at the 2012 Olympic logo to get an idea on why people hate or like the designer style.

Deconstructivism is not a new idea. It was advocated by Russian artist Wassily Kandinski and his belief in the Gesamtkunstwerk work in his Bauhaus years (1915-1933). If you want to read his art bible, I suggest you get a copy of Point And Line To Plane. Originally published in 1926, Dover Publications made a reprint in 1979, published by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation for the Museum of Non-Objective Painting. For the trivia, there were 14 Bauhaus books edited by Walter Gropius and L. Moholy Nagy.

My new commercial font that I call Fontorror Regular is based on Bauhaus Deconstructivism ideas and is aimed to horror themes, such as Halloween greeting cards, special logos and movie titles. Here’s the Fontorror Regular font database should you want to license the new commercial font from my foundry. You can contact me at darkvotum at gmail.
Fontorror Regular Typeface Database