Votum Sanguinis Top Image

Votum Sanguinis Top Image

Monday, August 30, 2010

More Beautiful Mexican Typography From Jose Guadalupe Posada - Dark Fonts

First, let me say that I despise grunge deteriorated typography in designs. The stains do not follow any typeface principles. If I have a choice I would prefer graffiti typography, a considered art crime for some, because at least I can say the artist is using ascender and descender lines in the glyphs.

Putting that rant away, my new commercial font that I call Posada Diablo was discovered in my typography research at the archives of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Instituto de Investigaciones Filologicas, Centro de Estudios Literarios.

The typeface is very different from the Posada Normal font that I released recently as it was used for cover book illustrations, but the Mexican style is consistent. I don’t have idea of Posada’s intentions when he created the Posada Diablo typeface, but definitely it was not intended for children’s books. In addition, there was one more typeface he created for more conservative books such as Mexican revolutionary and history books. I intend soon to recreate this old Mexican font as part of my Posada font collection.

Because it was difficult to find good examples of Posada Diablo’s metrics typography, I used the kerning and spacing font metrics tables of the great Macromedia company. They are really precise and accurate without distortion.

Here is below the Posada Diablo font database. If you want to license this new commercial font, please contact me at darkvotum at gmail. Thanks for your considerations.

Posada Diablo Font Database

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Psychedelic Colors In Devil's Tarot Card Design With Pop Art Style

Here's one design I love for the Devil's Divination Card in the Tarot collection. It is influenced by artist Peter Max with my own pop art style.

My high print resolution is available in the Magicians section should you want to own a t-shirt with a cosmic illustration full of spiritual colors. Another treasure t-shirt for your casual wear collection. Impress your modern punk friends!

Psychedelic Devil Tarot Card
Psychedelic Devil's Tarot Card

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vote For The Devil Logo - A Dark Vector For 2012

I think this design is timely not because I made it but it will come as a revelation done by our Maya Director of the Pakalian Group, Lord Pakal Ahau. He does not talk about his revelation but I feel day after day the pressure on his shoulders to reveal more.

Anyway, the high resolution print is in the Spells section should you want to consider that 2012 is two years away and something really dark is coming to a neighborhood near you.

Vote For The Devil In 2012

My Own Wild Funeral Party - Romancing the Dead Music Through Dark Designs

If you’re a fan of dark designs and dead events like I am, I’ve prepared this beautiful and intelligent t-shirt print for your entertainment and consideration.
The design is based on one of my favorite Mexican artists of all times, Juan Guadalupe Posada, and his engravings with skulls or calaveras make me feel I’m looking to the scenes through X-rays.
In this recent work, I’ve modified the engraving to accomodate the idea of my own funeral party. The way I would like to invite to my funeral a mariachi to play corridos while people dance, drink and eat all night with my custodian angels romancing the dead music. I think you won’t find a better t-shirt related to death rituals.
The high resolution vector print is available in the Spells section should you want to romance your own funeral and death with a big celebration. I will probably leave as my wish to be dressed in the coffin with my t-shirt. Otherwise, order it and enjoy the t-shirt while you’re alive. The dark theme is elegant and sophisticated. Impress the living!
My Wild Funeral Party T-Shirt
My Wild Funeral Party T-Shirt

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Learn How To Get Miss Venezuela's Makeup From A Cosmetic Artist

Years ago in my country I was a makeup artist for the Miss Venezuela event and I’m sure you wonder how these girls really achieve the magic of cosmopolitan beauty placing very high in Miss Universe year after year. I was very young when I met Osmel Souza, the creator and promoter of Miss Venezuela. A really wise guy for world fashion.
I got into that business after watching one contest that was a bitch fight. Two girls coming from rich families. Mariela Perez Branger and Peggy Kopp. It was the best beauty show I’ve ever seen. Details to elegance was the trademark of the show. Mariela’s perfect catwalk and Peggy’s flamboyant attitude.
Since then, the beauty school of Miss Venezuela pageant has changed a lot. Each candidate is prepared for at least 10 years as Osmel envisioned in education, modeling, fashion, communication and poise. In makeup learning, I’ve seen really beautiful work in these girls aimed to camera and lights.
I won’t tell you all the secrets but at least there are some tips you can learn if you want to achieve what I call the beauty bitch look.
I’ve prepared a photorealistic 3D image to give you an idea of the possibilities whether you’re planning your wedding, a beauty contest, or a simple graduation in your school. Don’t neglect to look the best on these memorable days.
Your makeup should be simple and usually divided in three areas: your face, your eyes and your lips. For the face, you need to choose colors for the base, contour, midtones and highlights. For the eyes, it is a little more complicated because you need to pay attention to the eyebrows, the eyelashes, the eyelids, below the eyelashes, the side of the eyes, the lower part of the eyes and the corner of your eyes. There are as many as eight zones to work in the eyes. For your lips, you choose the color base, delineate and refine the corners.
That’s it. If you learn the tricks I assure you people will ask you if you went to a cosmetic school. Below, it is my prepared image with those famous and perfect almond eyes that make all Miss Venezuela girls win competitions all around the world. The judges always choose the best. Try to achieve what I’ve included in the picture and you can be a winner. If you have questions or want to hire me as a beauty consultant, I'm available in Los Angeles.
Miss Venezuela Photo Makeup
Miss Venezuela's Famous Makeup

Monday, August 16, 2010

Virgin of Guadalupe's Dead Tattoo - New Skin Art

There are many versions of the popular image of Mexico’s Virgin of Guadalupe. This one was recreated from an original and rare print I have from Jose Guadalupe Posada’s engravings, made in 1895. The print is in full color for a client of mine.
He wanted a high resolution tattoo in his skin as a personal birthday’s gift. Posada’s art was a model for the Mexican muralists as a popular artist producing vivid and simple images in a distinctively non-European mode with strong elements of political satire. He is best known for his calaveras, witty images of skeletons performing the rituals and pleasures of everyday life. Often dressed in bourgeois finery, they mock the pretensions and vanity of the living.
Virgin of Guadalupe Dead Skull Tattoo
Virgin of Guadalupe's Dead Skull Tattoo
My high resolution print is available in apparel in the Tattoos section should you want to sport an exotic and religious Mexican t-shirt. It is a very unique vector design of its kind.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Choosing Demonic Names For A Newborn - Celebrate the Dark Wisdom

It seems to be a normal trend in the 21st Century to give a dark name to a baby and I love it because that baby will grow with a dark wisdom never attained before in previous generations. In fact, I don’t have to tell you that the initials of my complete name is LCF as well.
Here’s my list of my favorite demonic names with the corresponding gender so you can search for the meaning somewhere else. They are very powerful names of the Underworld Kingdom.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Abracadabra Fantasy Logo - An Old Magic Spell

The first time I saw the word Abracadabra was in a British Masonic Encyclopedia. I was attracted to the disposition of letters and the explanation that the triangle of words was a old magic amulet. Needless to say, I made my own amulet and put it around my neck.

Abracadabra is a spell incantation used as a magic word in conjuring demonic tricks that historically was believed to have healing powers when inscribed on an amulet. The first known mention of the word Abracadabra was in the 2nd century AD in a poem called De Medicina Praecepta or Principles of General Medicine.

Abracadabra sounds as the Aramaic word “Abrahadabra” which roughly translates into “I will create as I speak.”

My original high resolution print for apparel is in the Spells section should you want to conjure demons for your own benefit. You can order and customize the t-shirt in several background colors and sizes. It’s a great night party tshirt for full moon!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jackie Kennedy and The Devil - Typography Design

Every time there is a full moon, I see the face of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy stamped on the moon. I’m not surprised because my relation with her is extremely powerful to explain it in short lines. In my Witches altar, I have her photograph (the only one) which was personally dedicated and signed to me.

As a matter of fact, one night after my only surgical intervention in 1994 I woke up four hours later thinking about her. I had a small transistor radio and I listened to the news that Jackie had died that night during my medical intervention. Her funeral mass events are explained here. National Public Radio said that during the funeral, Maurice Tempelsman read the poem Ithaka (1911) written by Constantine P. Cavafy, who also happens to be my favorite author. The translation and alternative translation are found in this page.

As my tribute to the only First American Lady I know, I’ve made her typographical portrait that I called Jackie Kennedy and The Devil. The typographical portrait includes another Cavafy’s poem entitled Hidden Things (1908), which is a poem that represents my philosophy of life.

Hidden Things by C.P. Cavafy

From all I did and all I said
let no one try to find out who I was.
An obstacle was there distorting
the actions and the manner of my life.
An obstacle was often there
to stop me when I’d begin to speak.
From my most unnoticed actions,
my most veiled writing -
from these alone will I be understood.
But maybe it isn’t worth so much concern,
so much effort to discover who I really am.
Later, in a more perfect society,
someone else made just like me
is certain to appear and act freely.

The high resolution print is available in the Witches section should you want to remember why the President Kennedy’s administration was the only Camelot in America. It won’t happen again!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fallen Angel | Gustave Dore’s Magnificent Illustration

Fallen Angel is an illustration that I curated based on one of Gustave Dore’s engravings. The illustration is found in John Milton’s famous epic poem, Paradise Lost, written in 1667.

The story begins with Satan, one of the characters of the book, and of course, my favorite one. Satan awakes in hell, having lost his rebellion against God in heaven. He awakens his followers; begins to plot revenge against God by corrupting God’s newest creation, Man; and convenes a council of the fallen angels.

The illlustration is dramatic and majestic at the same time and you can find the high print resolution for apparel in the Fantasy section.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Devil's Trinity Tattoo - Your New Demonic Skin

According to the Necronomicon, the Book of the Laws of the Dead, the Devil’s Trinity consists of three spiritual characters - Satan, the Devil and Lucifer.

As an expert in demonology, I want to give you a new original and unique skin tattoo that will empower your mystical life. It is my spellbinding tribute to the only power I know on Earth that rules Mankind, the Glory of the Devil.

The high resolution vector print is available in apparel in the Tattoos section for your casual wear collection in several background colors and sizes. Enjoy your new life and new friends!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

666 Number Power Superhero Logo – Captain Devil Rules!

Since I was a child watching Captain America I always wanted to make a design of the Devil superhero logo. Something like Captain Devil in action colors.

So, here it is in all its demonic splendor with evil powers. The high resolution print is available in apparel in the Magicians section. Get your Devil superhero logo print with the magic numbers 666 of the Beast and amaze your friends.

Lucifer’s Fingerprint Tattoo – Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows

So, you want a real devil’s tattoo stamped on your skin forever, huh? I find this stamp is usually overlooked by most people looking for the real thing in functional dark designs.

If you look closer to the illustrations of the book Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows written by Aristide Torchia, you’ll find Lucifer’s fingerprint signature stamped with initials at the bottom of the engravings. Better than a Harley-Davidson commercial ad tattoo for chubbies in leather.

If you don’t know about fingerprint authentication, look here. No two individuals—even identical twins—have fingerprints that are exactly alike.

I traced the tiny signature as a vector and the print is available in apparel in the Tattoo section if you want to be proud of your Master and sport to the world your satanic allegiance.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Purple Moon Princess - How to Make Evil Fantasy Art

Evil fantasy art is very difficult to produce for apparel. It has to be cool and at the same time sadness should be consistent with a world both familiar and strange. The conflict of interest in the design allows a force with great power and malevolence to play with natural elements versus human elements.

In this case, I’ve combined a Celtic purple moon in ascendant phase from the lunar year with an innocent wicked fairy, who in many fairy tales such as in Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty, has been cursed by her godmother to remain in the moon on her fifteen’s birthday until she finds love.

To order, the high resolution print is in apparel in the Witches section as part of my collection of female villains. If I would write a fantasy book about it, I would call it ‘The Legend of the Purple Moon Princess’ to remind the reader that in every rare purple moon there is an innocent girl transformed into a wicked fairy waiting to find love.